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Since my husband and I are both remote workers, we decided to go camping during our son’s spring break. I wanted us to be near the beach, but wasn’t wanting to drive to Florida. In a short google search I found an RV resort not far from the beaches. Nestled away in North Myrtle, right off of the Intracoastal Waterway is this quite exciting family fun filled RV park, NMB RV Resort and Dry Dock Marina. They really know how to sell this place. The website advertised that this resort was going to be a kids dream come true as it has some pretty amazing amenities.

There are 236 RV pads, with 50/30 amps at each site. Looking at their map and legend all of their sites are full hookups, but some have covered picnic tables. The sites are all concrete slabs. If you get a premium site with a covered picnic table, your portable dog runs will not be right up against your RV unless you have a way to rig it up differently as intended. As the name implies, it also hosts a marina and boat storage facility. Therefore, not everyone on the premises will be RV guests, some will be using the marina. That being said, the resort is gated and all persons must be granted access to enter by an attendant.

So far the site seems pretty clean, safe, and not too loud. They did install speakers in the common areas that I found to be entertaining but annoying at the same time. I find it weird when other people choose music for me where music is really not necessary. I can understand it around the pool, or common areas, but they have a really nice dock and boardwalk that certainly does not need it.

Ok, on to those amazing amenities. The big ones are all summer season. The biggest of them is the Flow Rider. You know, the machines that make surfable waves in a small space. They have a large pool with a waterfall and mega water slide. There is a spray grounds area that looks pretty amazing. The one thing I was interested in was the hot tub, and it was probably the wimpiest hot tub I have seen. Boohoo. They also have shuffleboard, basketball, vollyball, horseshoes, cornole, and an arcade! The arcade, in my opinion, should be a free arcade. It’s probably the easiest of all the amenities to maintain, as it is self serve, and the only thing that is not free… as far as I know. When I booked this it was early February, and I thought by April it might be warm enough to do some of this stuff, but it turned out I was wrong. It peaked around 75 today. Some people are braving the pool. I have no idea how. And lastly, there are daily and other scheduled events they put on as well.

On to the practical amenities that we adults have to concern ourselves. There is coin laundry, showers, restrooms, ship and rv store, and dog park. Trash pick up at site is daily at 10 am. I don’t understand why RV parks continue to use coin laundry services when there has been a coin shortage forever, and who travels with cash? It’s really an outdated. If you can have all of this amazing stuff for the kids, please give this middle age lady an updated laundry facility that takes cards.

So, Ashley, why did you give this awesome super duper place a 4.5/5 and not a 5/5? First, it’s just a preference of mine to have a bit more nature involved in my RV experience. It looks like they are trying to plant more palm trees, and fill in some of the nakedness, but they had so much potential with the landscape and here I am looking at a giant warehouse that stores boats. Maybe there was some restriction but yeah the view isn’t really great from my site. This place is really a great place for spring break for my kiddo, it really is, but for me, without a good view or being nestled in the woods, I feel a tad cheated. If that is of no concern to you, you’ll have a 5/5 experience!


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