Stone Mountain Park is well known by the locals and is a great place to experience a bit of the outdoors without going too far from the city. One of the many features of the park is the lake. High powered boats are not allowed on […]
I am able to be my whole self around them without feeling like I have to entertain them. I hate feeling responsible for other people’s boredom.
The why Today, I started my Wegovy journey. Don’t judge. Some of us need help and need to ask for it. I have been struggling for 20 something years and I am tired with it. The cost Luckily, my insurance covers it for people with comorbidities. […]
It’s becoming cliché if it isn’t already, the saying “all we have is now.” It doesn’t feel that way sometimes because it’s also something we tend to forget. This morning, I was reminded of that in the simplest of ways. If you have read other posts, […]
If you grew up in Georgia schools in the 80s and 90s, you almost definitely had a stop by Okefenokee Joe who recently passed away at 90, loved to spread the word about all the animals there. He was our Steve Irwin and John Denver. It […]

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