Being a full time mom is hard and trying to have time for yourself is difficult. Share with me how you manage. I'd love to learn from you! Length of stay: 6 nights, site #366 Overall Score: 4 Safety Rating: 2.5/5 The resort is a bit remote so there isn’t going to be a lot of outsiders trying to make their way in, but I have noticed that people like to drive in […]
Within me lives someone who has a desire to create and make things. However, my ADHD gets in the way of that sometimes. My ability to be patient and learn is slim to none. If I know how to do something, like I do with software […]
In a previous blog post , I talked about my issues that I have been experiencing over the past few years. For those of you who have been concerned about my well-being, I just want to say thank you. I do not take you for granted. […]
I have been on and off Wegovy going on 3 months now. In total, I have lost about 13 pounds and have maintained it. I need to lose a lot more. However, it is really hard to be guaranteed to get Wegovy due to the manufacturer […]
Stone Mountain Park is well known by the locals and is a great place to experience a bit of the outdoors without going too far from the city. One of the many features of the park is the lake. High powered boats are not allowed on […]
I am able to be my whole self around them without feeling like I have to entertain them. I hate feeling responsible for other people’s boredom.
The why Today, I started my Wegovy journey. Don’t judge. Some of us need help and need to ask for it. I have been struggling for 20 something years and I am tired with it. The cost Luckily, my insurance covers it for people with comorbidities. […]

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