Length of stay: 2 nights, site # 30

Overall Score: 4


Rating: 5/5

I felt pretty comfortable walking around the campsite alone, and allowing my 11 year old to ride his scooter without much worry. The roads are gravel, and short. It’s hard for anyone to speed or drive recklessly. Most people seemed like your average family or retirees enjoying the outdoors. I noticed the attendant drove around the campsite from time to time to make sure everything was ok.


Rating 4.5/5

Generally speaking, the place was pretty clean. On rare occasion, owners did not pick up their dog’s mess. I noticed after I had initially parked there was a squished pile of poo by my truck. There was no noticeable litter, our site was overall pretty clean and pretty. The children’s park was dated a bit, but well kept. The dog park was well kept. The site itself was very clean with the exception of that one incidence of poo. We did not visit their guest bathrooms or showers, so I cannot vouch for those or the pool.


Rating 5/5

I have to admit that I was impressed with the amenities. They are a little dated, but mostly well kept. There was a putt putt course that we did not try. The park looked freshly painted, very clean, and the jump pad was gated for the little ones. The game room was more of an adult game room, and not quite what came to mind when my family heard game room. It had pool and foosball tables, and that’s all I noticed when I peaked in. It had a little bit of a musty smell like nobody has used it in a while and some spider/cob webs. I mentioned what I saw to my son in passing when a lady overheard me and said that she had just cleaned them out earlier that morning but the spiders decided they wanted to come back. Eek, lol. And finally, they even rent out a haunted cabin pictured below.


Rating 5/5

We had a bit of a late start heading to the camp, and ended up arriving about 15 minutes late. We called the camp to let them know, and they waited for us, which was really helpful. However, they do have an after hours check in if they are not available to help you along. Another attendant met with us the following morning to make sure we got checked in. The same attendant was working the register at the store that day and was very polite and friendly.


Rating 3/5

I appreciated the smallness of the camp. Most of the camps we have been to have been rather large. This one was a really nice quaint size nestled under some really shady trees which helped us stay cool in the southern spring sun. However, I had to mark down the fact that on my side of the camp, we were right next to a highway that frequented loud motorcycles, semi trucks, and a bunch of muscle cars with loud exhausts. It was very annoying when you’re trying to enjoy the natural setting. I suggest that you don’t stay on the same side of the camp where the dog park is, try to stay on the side closer to the smaller road where the tent pads are located.


Overall, I really enjoyed my stay. I loved the size, the shade, cleanliness, and friendliness of the staff. We were just passing through to make our way to another destination, but I can definitely see us staying here again sometime in the future. I think if you have little ones, they will absolutely love the park and pool. Thanks for having us!


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