I couldn’t sleep well. I have a mixed bag of sleeping issues from time to time. I am used to the deprivation when it happens. The words “used to” has an entire meaning we tend to ignore, which is funny, because that’s what it means. Being used to something implies that you’re no longer affected by it as you once were. Interesting, sad, and good? I am truly digressing in my somewhat groggy typing session here. Anyways, back to my original thought. We are here at Cape Hatteras for the week and it’s a beautiful, unique spot where you can see both sunrise and the sunset over the ocean by quite literally walking from one side of the island or to the other which is just across the street. I knew I wanted to see a sunrise before we left, and this morning just so happened to be the day.

I went down to the beach with my t-shirt and comfy string tie pants forgetting just how breezy and chilly that beach air was going to be. I tried to convince myself that I would get used to it, like swimming in a slightly cold pool. It never happened. I knew if that if I went back to the trailer that I could miss the sunrise and decided to embrace the cold breeze while I waited for that remarkable ball of fire to poke its head above the horizon.

As I shivered, I realized that this is what it feels to be alive! A huge smile grew on my face. I was surrounded by beautiful colors of blues, purples, yellows, and orange in the sky. Only one plane in the sky that quickly disappeared. Just beautiful baby clouds that did not threaten my view of the sun, and amazing waves that only Bob Ross could paint. A feeling of absolute gratitude to be able to pay such a small price of being a tiny bit cold to see such a wonder, but not only that, but the ability to feel the cold and be aware of its presence too was such a gift. To know the cold, is to be aware. A great deal of appreciation for such a wonderful sense that protects us from hugging the stove or getting frostbite. A gift of the harmless chill bumps during a gorgeous sunrise that has surpassed all the other ones I ever experienced before.


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