Recently, I have been exhausted. I can get through the work day, but my kitchen tells a story of a very tired mom. It’s easy to get upset at myself. There’s a lot of supposed tos floating around in my head.

You need to work out!

You should feel good!

You got so much to do!

You’re too young to be feeling like this!

When I caught myself falling into this mind set, I remembered that truthfully many of us are tired, don’t have the best health, or just have an off day. But we tell ourselves a different story. We think everyone else is doing great, wonderful, meeting all of their daily goals all while living the perfect life.

Deep down we know better, right? I think we hold ourselves to a higher standard and tunnel vision on how it seems everyone else is doing better when they are all likely going through their own issues.

There is no “should” outside of do what you need to do to take care of yourself. You’ll get to all of that other stuff when you can. It’s ok to take a break when you need it.

So here it goes….

It’s ok to not feel my best.

It’s ok to take it easy.

Nobody feels great all of the time.

This too shall pass.

Thanks for reading. Hope you’re loving yourself today!


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