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It wasn’t all terrible. Lots of complaining here, but yeah we had a lot of good moments too. We were literally on a bumpy road, our dog let out a dramatic long yawn that vibrated the entire time. We couldn’t stop laughing. We met a really nice couple who got so excited they could pull a trailer as big as ours. They had the same model truck. The sun shined the whole way. The dogs behaved. My playlist ruled. Yeah, there was a lot of good. Definitely. We got here safe, and I am sure the days ahead will be great. On to the story.

The first bump. Camping is great, its a lot of fun. I woke up yesterday, checked the weather and bad storms that were crossing the southern states had arrived. There was no good departure time without a lot of winds and possible threat of other severe weather. So, after waking up the hubs and talking a bit we decided it wasn’t worth risking our family’s safety to get there on time. I called the resort and they were nice to push up our reservation a day. We had a good time staying home, did a few extra things we needed, and then before we knew it it was time for bed again. No sweat.

It’s starting to get a little bumpier. We left this morning. The ride down was pretty good overall, except for a brief moment of road rage. Do people forget that when you’re merging onto the interstate, you’re supposed to yield? Someone merging on the interstate apparently got pissed when I wasn’t able to let them on while they refused to yield. So what did they do? They pulled out in front of my 11,000 pound rig and slammed on their brakes. We literally stopped on the highway. Knowing how people are these days, I just waited for them to take off, and put a lot of distance between us. I could have easily hurt them, forget about the damage I could have done to their car. It’s not worth it people. Let it go.

How are we are stopped, but its still bumpy? When we arrived, I checked in with a lady who was clearly over things. She seemed like her attention was really divided. She didn’t really ooze hospitality. She asked me if it was 3 adults, I said no, 2 adults and one child. She was quick to let me know that we wouldn’t be able to stay in the area I picked because it is 21+ only. I apparently booked a cabana in the same part of the park too. It was upsetting. It did say adult in a couple of places after I went back and checked, but there was no confirmation. The process seemed rather backwards. You chose a spot on the map, but the map didn’t show any limitations. I admit, I should have taken more time to read the descriptions after I progressed through things. There was no notification on the confirmation page, and nothing in the terms and conditions. But it was way too easy of a mistake to drive 6 hours to hear her tell me that I was lucky they didn’t have to send me down the road to stay.

Are there any shocks? When I started to ask questions about how I was able to create the reservation, and I wasn’t being rude, I was just wondering how I made that mistake. She just continued to be short, gaslighted me, and ensured that I knew it was my fault since I booked through the site and they had nothing to do with it. I get it, she was right, ultimately it was my fault for not being careful. That doesn’t excuse the poor design of their site and the riskiness of someone’s stay because they didn’t realize they had an adult only section of the park. I know that I cannot be the only one to have done this. There is a real simple process to add to their site to prevent this from happening again. A confirmation that everyone is an adult. Simple easy, everyone is happy. But she was so rude and I knew it would fall on deaf ears, so I just said never mind.

How do we still have wheels? We settled in and realized we were getting a little bit hungry. We got some good dinner and as we were leaving we heard clank clank as we pulled into traffic. My husband and I both looked at each other and knew what it was right away. The sway friction bars fell out of the back. We parked in the turning lane. It was starting to get dark. I turned on my phone flash light to flag oncoming traffic, but guess what? It didn’t matter. Nobody slowed down. Cars whizzed by me at 60+ miles per hour running over my sway bars. I was able to recover them after being very patient. Talk about nerve racking.

Oh tomorrow, be kind.


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