It’s becoming cliché if it isn’t already, the saying “all we have is now.” It doesn’t feel that way sometimes because it’s also something we tend to forget. This morning, I was reminded of that in the simplest of ways.

If you have read other posts, you’ll know that I suffer from sleeping disorders. This morning when I woke up at 3am, I got out of bed and my slippers were in a very convenient spot. I thanked my previous self for being so thoughtful out loud. Seems silly, I know.

But in this moment, something bigger revealed itself to me: we often sacrifice the present to give our future self the benefit. What an amazing gift. And it’s truly something to appreciate and have full awareness of.

Each moment we have of every day is a gift to enjoy. We forget that these moments are too limited. When making choices for our future iterations, it’s important to choose wisely so we don’t give our present self the short end of the stick.

However, when we do find something that we feel is truly worth the investment, it’s important to realize the gift you’re giving to someone you have yet to become. Someone you know dear but that is also a stranger to who you are now. It’s a gift only you can give, and it’s one of the most dearest and thoughtful. It’s certainly one of the most expensive spent in time you’ll never get back.

Do you need to thank your previous self out loud? Nah. But I think it’s important to acknowledge the self love it takes to do whatever it was you’re benefiting from at the present, no matter how big or small. When you realize that you have a best friend looking out for you within yourself, it’s a really an amazing feeling.


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