Length of stay: 6 nights, site #366

Overall Score: 4


Rating: 2.5/5

The resort is a bit remote so there isn’t going to be a lot of outsiders trying to make their way in, but I have noticed that people like to drive in through the exit probably just for convenience to their site. I’d prefer the gate to be closed. During the day there are plenty of staff driving around the grounds. When I arrived I saw a state patrol car driving through the site. The feeling here is pretty safe. Everyone is very friendly.

The one thing I did notice that didn’t seem very safe to me, was the location of the fire pits near the large propane tanks at the cabins.


Rating 3.5/5

Overall, the park is very clean. However, there is an occasional dog pile and the local vultures like to get in the trash waiting to be picked up by the staff. The grass is high here and there. Many of the sites are grass sites, not gravel, so when it rains your site, if not with a patio, will get very muddy.


Rating 5/5

This is where this campground has it made.

  • Private human beach
    • We didn’t spend a lot of time here
  • Private dog beach
    • Going at low tide the dogs will have a sandbar that they can plan on that goes way out there
  • A tiki bar/cafe and Restaurant on the beach
    • Great BLTs, shrimp, and fried fish. I drink virgin drinks, the pina colada was good
  • Beautiful pool with cabana rentals
  • Playground(s)
    • The one at the jumping pad looks better kept
  • Jumping Pad
  • Golf Cart rentals
    • At the time this was written they were $75 a day.
  • Beach wagon rental
  • Dog park
    • It is one very large dog park.
    • Some parts have over grown grass.
    • Occasional left behind dog piles
    • Lots of dragon flies, my dog loved them a bit too much
  • Weekend scavenger hunt
    • Find the item, take a picture win a prize
  • On site coin laundry
    • About $2 a run. Dryers are great. Laundry mat is small. Get change at the store.
  • 24/7 Store
    • The food counter has weird hours and sometimes closes early.


Rating 5/5

  • You couldn’t ask for nicer staff. Very accommodating.


Rating 4/5


This was truly a trip we will never forget. We had so much family time. Good laughs, time on the beach without the huge crowds. I love the beach but not beach tourist towns. Places like this are answer for people like me. We were very comfortable and had so much to do all the time without having to leave the campground. If we were to stay in the area again we would love to stay at this KOA.

Other Notes:

There is plenty of things to do outdoors, but if you’re looking for local cuisine or indoor things you may have to drive a bit. The mosquitos are bad, there were a lot of flies. Bring bug repellent. There is a Food Lion grocery store about 20 minutes north, and a Walmart about an hour north. Souvenir shops are in the historic town of Cape Charles near the public beach.

Smalls Smokehouse near Food Lion is a worthy mention. They have great bbq. They serve a few sea food items as well. Try the brisket or the pulled pork! Awesome hush puppies!

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