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I was already a busy lady, self induced somewhat. I have a million things I want to do, so I have a million things half way done. ADHD at its best. I have a teenage son, three dogs, and just moved in my niece. I work full time and would like to think I have time for hobbies. Very happy to have my niece here, but we had to make room and reorganize our household to do so. Its been a process. I’m pooped. How have I been treating myself lately? Have I given myself much self care? A little, but probably not enough. I resort to my hot bathes and TikTok to zone out from real life a bit. Its the constant go go go that gets me. I love everyone that needs my attention in life. They add to my purpose. Regardless, I need a pause and time to adjust. What do you do to pause and de-stress?


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