We constantly bicker, politicize and divide over trivial things, but there is still so much good and overwhelming kindness in people. Sometimes it takes a monumental element to bring us back to the things that really matter in our lives. There are always going to be people who never budge, or return to earth from their ungrounded ambitions. However, I am thankful for the great deal of those who do.

A month ago, my sister in law sent the family a group text with some very unexpected and concerning news. Her child, 15, who had been having terrible headaches went to have her eyes checked. The optometrist had them leave immediately to the hospital when they noticed cerebral fluid was creating a lot of pressure behind the eyes. This is a sign that something bigger was going on. Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (CHOA) did an MRI, and my sister in law reported back to us that KL had a large tumor in the middle of her brain.

This is not her scan, but an example of what she has.

Needless to say we didn’t see that coming. We were all quite shocked as the news was hard to swallow. After follow up visits and and a biopsy was taken, it was determined that the tumor was a stage 4 malignant cancer called glioblastoma. A tough fight lies ahead, but KL has proven to be strong and brave, just liker mother who beat stage 4 aggressive breast cancer just a few years before. While she battles this fight and the long road ahead, she is an amazing person who will always continue to inspire me just like her mother.

I have always had a fear of doctors. Its not their fault, they are just the messengers and the healers. Its the news that they deliver that I am really afraid of. Knowing that my young niece has heard the news that I am always trying to avoid hearing, made me realize that there is no outrunning the diagnosis, only delaying the treatment. No matter if you do palates, if you’re young, old, a marathon runner, we can’t deny our genetics and the fact that all of us will eventually face the tune of our mortality. KL being brave enough to hear her news has given her a chance to fight and take control. I am so proud of her and I will aspire to be as brave and strong as her.

The radiation treatment platform

Charity, my other sister in law has placed a Meal Train drive for Joy and KL to take one less thing off of their plate, no pun intended. Joy and KL have to make many trips into Atlanta during the week to have radiation treatment while they wait for an opening in a clinical trial. By the time they get home its late and they are both tired. I am thrilled to say we have had a good start to the donations and signups for meals and it continues to keep my faith in humanity filled with hope. Thank you to all who have donated. Thank you to the doctor’s, specialists, oncologists, nurses, surgeons, and other medical staff who provide amazing top notch care. It is amazing what people can do. PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! And, thus, I feel gratitude and appreciation for all the amazing people who send their thoughts, love, knowledge, skills to support to this family while they navigate uncharted waters.

If you’re interested in helping to keep them fed during her treatments and the battles ahead, feel free to do so here: https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/9m038l



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