It all started after we rented a Class A RV to go see the solar eclipse in Tennessee in 2017. We wanted to remain mobile in the event that if the weather was not optimal where we were, then we could travel to a better location. We thought it was such a cool experience to be in one of these bad boys. It was such a fun addition to our trip that we decided one day we were going to buy one ourselves. Then we found out just how expensive they were and put it off for a while.

In 2020, the covid-19 pandemic hit. We were locked down. We isolated and began having everything delivered. I am still so grateful for all of our front line workers who kept us going in such a period of confusion and heartbreak. We tried to make the best of it. Our son was homeschooling. We went on long drives. Took a lot of walks, but as you probably experienced yourself, cabin fever set in. Its like that Kayak commercial…….

So, we decided maybe it was time to revisit the RV plan again. When we learned we could get a small used travel trailer for around 16k we figured a way to budget it in. The catch was it seemed like everyone else was doing the same thing at the same time. We ended up purchasing our Catalina 22′ travel trailer from a Camping World Minneapolis location and had it delivered. I was so excited to see it pull up in front of the house on a rainy afternoon. We were so unprepared. We had no idea of what to do. I thought it had a parking break! I laughed at myself writing that. We had no wheel chocks and we live on a hill. The man who delivered our trailer grabbed a couple of our giant retaining wall blocks and used them to keep it from rolling away.

The moment she arrived. April 24, 2021

Since then we have stayed 10 campsites across the south, mostly in Georgia. Our first being at Lake Hartwell KOA in Hartwell, GA and our most recent being at OBX KOA in North Carolina. Since then we have learned a lot. Namely, we learned how to park, tow, level and backup the trailer. Just the very basics. I know more about towing equipment and special hitches than I thought there was to know. We gave ourselves a trial by fire crash course when we bought this thing. I give a lot of thanks to other bloggers and youtubers who parented us along the way. One thing I love to do when I arrive to another site is pay attention to the way other people handle their rigs. Some frighten me, others delight me.

I’ve also learned that storage isn’t cheap! We were paying $85 a month for a parking spot with no hookups in the blasting southern sun. It was overbearing to pack or work on the trailer for trips. When a covered space opened up, we took it. Sadly, the rate for electricity and cover bumped the price up to $265 a month. Quite expensive for so little. We spent a couple of grand and graveled out a spot next to our house and moved it there to save money in the long run.

Over the year, we learned why they call this a “couple’s camper” and just how much space my 2400 sqft house really is! When I get home and I am amazed at how much room there is in my bathroom!! With a budding teenager, 2 dogs, a sleeper sofa and no slideouts, its quite cramped in the camper. In purchasing, I didn’t want to get anything too big in fear that I wouldn’t be able to tow it safely or comfortably. Overtime, the amount of space we need has become obvious. Now that I have had a lot of practice towing, I have gained a lot of confidence. Therefore, our OBX trip with DragonFlight One was our last. We are in the market for buying something a little larger with slideouts. We owe a lot to our girl and hope she does for the next owners what she has done for us. I get attached easily to my toys and she will be missed.

Finally, let me not forget to mention the most important thing that I learned over the past year. I learned that RVing can be a wonderful lifestyle. No matter what, its always an adventure. I feel it will keep me young at heart for as long as I can do it. Every trip is filled with memories that I dare not take for granted. It dedicates family time. It challenges my fears. It fills me with excitement for what’s to come next. Dare I say that it has given me a life that I have always wanted. Experiences are never lacking and I always long for the next trip. So, cheers to the experiences that I have had and for the ones to come. Thanks for reading!!!


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