Social media seemed so great when it was first introduced. What a great way to stay connected with those I care about and potential friends. In 2007, I finally gave in and signed up for a Facebook account. At first, I was like meh. I almost practiced posting. It was an acquired taste for me. Then it wasn’t long after I was pulling out my phone every time I got bored to check what was going on on Facebook, which was quite frequent due to my unmedicated ADHD.

But the woes of Facebook begin to set in over time. The perfectly portrayed lives, the people who have thousands of friends and had 25+ reactions on every post they made, and then the people who just quietly live on your friends list that you forget about because you never interact with them. Suddenly, you realize how little you actually interact with those people in person. How the casual connection is suddenly the most common connection you have.

While we are not actually telling ourselves this message, its still a message we are receiving. Subtly, but surely.

I stopped using Facebook for probably about 4 months. I didn’t know what to do with my thumbs. But after a bit, I began to adjust. Then I noticed how much better I started to feel. I eventually got back on to check on certain people. It was a mistake. I still don’t use Facebook to the extent that I did, but the negativity began to seep back in. So, its time to deactivate again, and if I am smart, I’ll read this blog post again if I ever feel the urge to reactivate again.




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