The why

Today, I started my Wegovy journey. Don’t judge. Some of us need help and need to ask for it. I have been struggling for 20 something years and I am tired with it.

The cost

  • $1300 out of pocket
  • $25 covered by insurance

Luckily, my insurance covers it for people with comorbidities. But it will not cover it for vanity reasons.


I am so glad there is something that works that isn’t crazy like the 90s crap that was basically speed disguised as a supplement. I took one, it felt like I was running a marathon at my desk, and trashed the rest the same day!

On to Wegovy, I was scared to try it, but I am always scared of trying new medications. I have a lot of what ifs, but the right what if was “what if this extends my life and my quality of life?” Some risks are worth taking.

The when

I started my first dose today. I only felt a slight tinge of nausea but that could just be my nerves. The injection was nothing. Super painless. I was surprised it was even working but it did! And now I am on my way.


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