About a month ago I went to the doctor and wrote a blog entry about getting healthy. I started the Mayo Clinic Diet. I chose this diet because I wanted to do something that wasn’t about just weight loss, but building life long good eating habits. I know I can lose weight. I have done it before, but the only way I can make the results last for life, is if I eat how I should for the rest of my life. Its a commitment, and its changing the way that I live. I also wanted to follow the advice of medical doctors who really understand health and nutrition. I don’t want to harm my body. I want to nurture it.

The Mayo diet focuses on cutting back on sugars, certain meats, and encourages eating whole or less processed foods. Over the past month I have lost nearly 20 pounds. Its a lot for the first month, but I would say about 5 pounds of that was water weight and the rest fat. My clothes are already fitting immensely better!! I put on a sweater today, and I was so confused. It hung so long like a dress! Amazing. I am so thrilled.

I am still working on my mental health around eating. It’s certainly improving, but I am also scared of failure and spiraling out if I have a bad food day. So much, that I am avoiding all bad foods. And I am not swearing off any food. I am simply wanting to make consumption of junk food very infrequent. Therefore, I don’t want to fear spiraling out, and I am just hoping something clicks with me soon enough to know how to manage my emotions around that.

I rarely eat refined sugars these days. I treat myself to a ice dream (not ice cream) once a week. But having gone for so long not eating a candy bar or something super sweet is something very new to me. I did try a Hershey bar on Halloween and could only eat half of it. It was ridiculously sweet and syrupy in my mouth. I was so done. Ew. (WHAT?! DID I SAY THAT? lol)

I do get very occasional cravings but they are not strong and I tend to forget about them in a few moments after having them.

So how is it going? Things are going very well, still have some things to get my head wrapped around, but I am certainly headed in the right direction.



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